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PCIM Asia 2016

International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management Proceedings, 28 – 30 June 2016, Shanghai, China

2016, 340 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-4227-1
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PCIM Asia continues to be a traditional event with success and strong interests for technical innovations. It is the ideal forum to meet specialists from various fields. My welcome message goes especially to the authors of oral and poster papers. PCIM Asia has grown to become the most prestigious forum to exchange information in important power electronics technologies. It is a key technical platform for researchers and product development engineers as well as decision makers and marketing specialists to detect new attractive business opportunities, and I am convinced that you will enjoy and appreciate this year’s event.
In six oral sessions and two poster sessions, the PCIM Asia Conference will address key developments in high frequency power converters, development trend of power semiconductor devices as well as new technologies for renewable energy generation. The two keynote presentations will cover new development trends in wide bandgap power devices to improve efficiency in power converters for consumer electronics, information and communication technologies as well as advanced developments in electric driven cars. In the industry session on "High Frequency Power Conversion" we will discuss in detail high frequency power conversion systems based on new power devices, advanced circuit topologies and integrated power electronic building blocks. The industry session will be held in Chinese only. Further conference highlights are the special session on "More Electronic Distributed Power Systems" as well as two seminars on "Designing Drives for Automation Systems" and "Fundamentals of Power in the Data Center" which will be held by international experts.
I am convinced that with this high level technical program and expert discussions, this years’ PCIM Asia Conference will provide you with an overview of new milestones in power electronic system developments and inspire you to pursue new business opportunities.
Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd., Guangzhou, China

Mesago PCIM GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany


Input Admittance Modeling and Small Signal Stability Analysis of DFIG System

Autoren: Zhang, Xueguang; Ma, Yan; Wang, Tianyi; Xu, Dianguo


IGBT Power Module solution in Three-Level Topologies for 1MW 1500VOC Solar Applications

Autoren: Lenz, Kevin; Franke, Toke; Stroebel-Maier, Henning



Flexible IGBT modules for high power PV-inverters

Autoren: Ma, Xiankui; Li, Jianfei; Zhang, Xing


The 62Pak IGBT modules employing 1700V SPT++ chip set for 175°C operation

Autoren: Matthias, Sven; Corvasce, Chiara; Mesemanolis, Athanasios; Bayer, Martin; Gustafsson, Emilia; Papadopoulos, Charalampos; Kopta, Arnost; Truessel, Dominik; Schnell, Raffael; Rahimo, Munaf


The Next Generation High Voltage Package and IGBT/Diode Technologies

Autoren: Schnell, Raffael; Matthias, Sven; Rahimo, Munaf; Corvasce, Chiara; Andenna, Maxi; Kopta, Arnost; Hartmann, Samuel; Fischer, Fabian


Selection of materials for IGBT modules to achieve stable short circuit failure behaviour

Autoren: Li, Jianfeng; Yaqub, Imran; Johnson, Christopher Mark


Cu paste sinter joining for die-attach of high TJ power devices realized by PEG solvent optimization

Autoren: Yoshikawa, Hiroki; Nagao, Shijo; Sakaue, Takahiko; Kamikoriyama, Yoichi; Sasaki, Takahumi; Suganuma, Katsuaki



A method to evaluate IGBT module losses on system level

Autoren: Shen, Song; Ziqing, Zheng; Ruicheng, Yang; Chao, Mu


How to select HVIGBT modules for your application

Autoren: Jian, Sun; Gaosheng, Song


Applying Locked Loop Circuits in Voltage Regulator Modules

Autoren: Huang, Yi; Li, Lin; Cheung, Chun; Zhu, Richard


Current Sensorless Direct Predictive Control for Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives

Autoren: Hu, Zhemin; Yang, Ming; Yang, Kaixuan; Xu, Dianguo


Shipboard Microgrids: Maritime Islanded Power Systems Technologies

Autoren: Guerrero, Josep M.; Jin, Zheming; Liu, Wenzhao; Othman, Muzaidi B.; Savaghebi, Mehdi; Anvari-Moghaddam, Amjad; Meng, Lexuan; Vasquez, Juan C.



Effect of solvents on sintering behaviors of silver paste for power-device packaging

Autoren: Zhang, Hao; Jiu, Jinting; Suzuki, Youji; Akai, Yasuyuki; Suganuma, Katsuaki




A New Generation of 600V Smart Power Module (SPM®) for Motor Drive Applications

Autoren: Jin, Bum-seung; Shin, Samuell; Shin, Sung-dae; Lee, Geun-hyoung; Bae, Hyun-soo; Kwon, Tae-sung


A New 600V Smart power Module with the High Power Density for Motor Drive Applications in Home Appliances

Autoren: Shin, Samuell; Jin, Bumseung; Song, Kinam; Bae, Hyunsoo; Kwon, Taesung



Investigation of Output Voltage Ripple of Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converters

Autoren: Huang, Yi; Li, Lin; Cheung, Chun; Zhu, Richard




Surge current capability of power electronics for surge protection

Autoren: Schork, Franz; Brocke, Ralph; Rock, Michael


Thyristors with Full-Wave Blocking Capability for Industrial Applications

Autoren: Vobecky, J.; Stiegler, K.; Bellini, M.; Siegrist, R.; Meier, M.; Weber, F.; Chen, M.


A 1000A 6.5kV Power Module Enabled by Reverse-Conducting Trench-IGBT-Technology

Autoren: Werber, Dorothea; Hunger, Thomas; Wissen, Matthias; Schuetze, Thomas; Lassmann, Matthias; Stemmer, Burkhard; Komarnitskyy, Volodymyr; Pfirsch, Frank


A 10 W Multi-Mode Capable Wireless Power Amplifier for Mobile Devices

Autoren: Rooij, Michael de; Zhang, Yuanzhe



Gate-Driver with Full Protection for SiC-MOSFET Modules

Autoren: Fink, Karsten; Volke, Andreas; Wei, Winson; Wiesner, Eugen; Thal, Eckhard



High reliability 600V High Voltage Integrated Circuit for Automotive applications

Autoren: Hitoshi, Makishima; Takeuchi, Takanobu; Yamamoto, Masahiro; Nobuo, Hashimoto; Tomoya, Yamano; Kyosuke, Yamamoto