Trinitis, Carsten; Pionteck, Thilo (Hrsg.)

ARCS 2018

31st GI/ITG International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems April, 9-12, 2018, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany, Workshop Proceedings

2018, 192 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-4559-3
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The GI/ITG International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS) looks back at more than 30 years of tradition in reporting high quality results in computer architecture as well as operating systems research. ARCS has become an important forum for research in these areas and has a long tradition of hosting associated workshops complementing the programme of the conference with specific topics extending the technical scope of the conference.
This year, ARCS 2018 was organised at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, from April 9 to April 12, 2018.

This year, the following workshops were held within ARCS:
• 14th Workshop on Dependability and Fault Tolerance (VERFE’18)
• 2nd Workshop on Computer Architectures in Spaceflight (CompSpace 2018)
• 6th International Workshop on Self-optimisation in Organic and Autonomic Computing Systems (SAOS’18)
• 3rd Workshop of the Multi-Core Safe and Software-intensive Systems Improvement Community (FORMUS3IC).
• 13th Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms (PASA 2018)

In addition to invited talks all workshops comprised presentations of papers selected through a thorough peer reviewing process on submitted papers. These proceedings consist of all papers selected by the workshop organisers and programme committees.
Trinitis, Carsten; Pionteck, Thilo




Model-based Security Engineering for Secure Systems Development

Autoren: Lunkeit, Armin; Pohl, Hartmut


Applying the Ideal Testing Framework to HDL Programs

Autoren: Kilincceker, Onur; Turk, Ercument; Challenger, Moharram; Belli, Fevzi



Towards Automatic Compiler-assisted Performance and Energy Modeling for Message Passing Parallel Programs

Autoren: Gschwandtner, Philipp; Hirsch, Alexander; Benedict, Shajulin; Fahringer, Thomas


Tracing of Multi-Threaded Java Applications in Score-P Using Bytecode Instrumentation

Autoren: Frenzel, Jan; Feldhoff, Kim; Jaekel, Rene; Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Ralph


A Target Platform Description Language for Parallel Code Generation

Autoren: Schmitt, Christian; Hannig, Frank; Teich, Juergen


Mapped Taskgraphs as a Tool for Optimization in Static Taskgraph Scheduling

Autoren: Keller, Joerg; Eitschberger, Patrick



Parallel Exploration of an Unknown Random Forest

Autoren: Keller, Joerg; Eitschberger, Patrick



Work-in-Progress: Real-Time Scheduling of Parallel Applications with Gang Scheduling

Autoren: Langer, Tobias; Osinski, Lukas; Schmid, Michael; Mottok, Juergen


Parallel Active Object Pattern

Autoren: Schmid, Michael; Langer, Tobias; Osinski, Lukas; Mottok, Juergen


PyFI - Fault Injection Platform for Real Hardware

Autoren: Osinski, Lukas; Langer, Tobias; Schmid, Michael; Mottok, Juergen


Latency Measurements for an Emulation Platform on Autonomous Driving Platform NVIDIA Drive PX2

Autoren: Widerspick, Christian; Bauer, Wolfgang; Fey, Dietmar


Self-integrating Organic Control Systems: from Crayfish to Smart Homes

Autoren: Diaconescu, Ada; Mata, Pembe; Bellman, Kirstie


Toward an Organic Computing Approach to Automated Design of Processing Pipelines

Autoren: Stein, Anthony; Margraf, Andreas; Moroskow, Juergen; Geinitz, Steffen; Haehner, Joerg


A Concept for Productivity Tracking based on Collaborative Interactive Learning Techniques

Autoren: Calma, Adrian; Kuhn, Jochen; Leimeister, Jan Marco; Lukowicz, Paul; Oeste-Reiss, Sarah; Schmidt, Albrecht; Sick, Bernhard; Stumme, Gerd; Tomforde, Sven; Zweig, Anna Katharina


A Rule-Based Approach for Self-Optimisation in Autonomic EHealth Systems

Autoren: Neyens, Gilles Irenee Fernand; Zampunieris, Denis


Towards Proactive Health-enabling Living Environments: Simulation-based Study and Research Challenges

Autoren: Tomforde, Sven; Dehling, Tobias; Haux, Reinhold; Huseljic, Denis; Kottke, Daniel; Scheerbaum, Jonas; Sick, Bernhard; Sunyaev, Ali; Wolf, Klaus-Hendrik


Verification of the C++-Operating System RODOS in Context of a Small-Satellite

Autoren: Gerlich, Rainer; Gerlich, Ralf; Gordon, Karsten; Barschke, Merlin; Montenegro, Sergio; Dilger, Erik; Flederer, Frank


The Use of Different Architectures and Streak Observations Algorithms to Detect Space Debris

Autoren: Vallduriola, Gerard Vives; Scharf, Arthur; Pittet, Jean-Noel; Utzmann, Jens; Trujillo, Diego Andres Suarez; Vananti, Alessandro; Helfers, Tim; Daens, Damien




The Flying Laptop Satellite as a Low-Threshold Testbed for Computing in Orbit

Autoren: Hagel, Phillip; Burgdorf, Jonas; Wenzel, Sebastian