Mladenov, V.; Slavova, A.; Sgurev, V.; Hadjiski, M.; Boshnakov, K. (Hrsg.)

ANNA '18

Advances in Neural Networks and Applications 2018 September 15-17, 2018, St. St. Konstantin and Elena Resort, Bulgaria

2018, 144 Seiten, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-4756-6
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The workshop on Advances in Neural Networks and Applications 2018 (ANNA’18) covers advanced aspects of the Neural Networks theory with strong emphasis on different applications in both the science and real practice. It is a platform for postgraduate training of Ph.D. students and young scientists where well-known experts of the field shows the advanced aspects of neural network theory and applications. The program of the workshop presents plenary lectures of Prof. Leon Chua, Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff, Prof. Fernando Corinto, Prof. Plamen Angelov, Prof. Nikola Kasabov and Prof. Alexander Gegov. Apart from the educational part of the workshop a conference with original authors’ papers take place as well. The Program Chair with the active help of members of the Organizing and Program Committees did a very careful review of the submitted contributions.

The workshop on Advances in Neural Networks and Applications 2018 (ANNA’18) is under the methodological supervision of IEEE CAS Cellular Nanoscale and Array Computing Technical Committee. It is technically co-sponsored by the International Neural Network Society (INNS) and is a regular John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics (SAI) event.

This workshop was the first one from the series of workshops that will be carried out every two years. The workshop held at the Frédéric Joliot-Curie International House of Scientists, St. St. Konstantin and Elena Resort, Bulgaria from 15th to 17th Sept. 2018.
Valeri Mladenov, Angela Slavova, Vassil Sgurev, Mincho Hadjiski, Kosta Boshnakov (Eds.)


Analytical DC model of a TaO memristor

Autoren: Ascoli, A.; Tetzlaff, R.; Ntinas, V.; Sirakoulis, G. Ch.


Learning of an Artificial Neuron with Resistor-Memristor Synapses

Autoren: Mladenov, Valeri; Kirilov, Stoyan


Early approach of Qubit state representation with Memristors

Autoren: Fyrigos, Iosif-Angelos; Ntinas, Vasileios; Karafyllidis, Ioannis; Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch.; Karakolis, Panagiotis; Dimitrakis, Panagiotis


Synthesis of Predictive Models of Nonlinear Devices: The Intutitive Approach

Autoren: Biolek, Dalibor; Biolek, Zdenek; Biolkova, Viera; Kolka, Zdenek


A Voltage-Controlled Window Function Approach

Autoren: Messaris, I.; Ntogramatzi, M.; Nikolaidis, S.


Some experimental results on Kilo/Mega Core Architectures

Autoren: Kiss, Andras; Nagy, Zoltan; Szolgay, Peter


Edge of Chaos Regime for CNN with Dynamic Memory Synapses

Autoren: Slavova, Angela; Bobeva, Galina


Nonlinear sensor driven by chaotic dynamics

Autoren: Korneta, Wojciech; Iacyel, Gomes; Rodrigo, Picos; Zabovsky, Michal


Modeling and Simulation of Interaction of Fluxons via CNN

Autoren: Slavova, Angela; Zaphirova, Zoya


Generalized net model of Artificial Bee Colony optimization algorithm

Autoren: Zoteva, Dafina; Atanassova, Vassia; Roeva, Olympia; Szmidt, Eulalia


A Generalized Net Model of the Deep Learning Algorithm

Autoren: Yovcheva, Plamena; Petkov, Todor; Sotirov, Sotir


A Generalized Net Model of the Deep Learning Neural Network

Autoren: Sotirov, Sotir; Sotirova, Evdokia; Shannon, Anthony; Bureva, Veselina; Petkov, Todor; Popov, Stanislav; Bozov, Hristo; Tsolova, Diana; Georgieva, Vania


Generalized Net Model of the process of n-th prime number calculation by different formulas

Autoren: Tomov, Zhivko; Vassilev, Peter; Atanassov, Krassimir; Sotirov, Sotir


Generalized Net model of the connection of the urban and interurban transport via example from the city of Burgas

Autoren: Valkov, Ivan; Atanassova, Vassia; Sotirova, Evdokia; Atanassov, Krassimir


Generalized net model of the organization of the firefighting activities when dealing with forest fires

Autoren: Atanassov, Krassimir; Vassilev, Peter; Georgiev, Ivan; Tsakov, Hristo


Generalized net model of the cooperation between the Departments of transfusion Haematology and the National Centre of transfusion Haematology

Autoren: Andreev, Nikolay; Vassilev, Peter; Atanassova, Vassia; Roeva, Olympia; Atanassov, Krassimir


Generalized Net Model of Surface EMG Data Processing for Control of Active Elbow Orthosis Device

Autoren: Ribagin, Simeon; Pencheva, Tania; Shannon, Anthony


Recognition of Dynamic Targets using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Autoren: Popov, Vasil; Shakev, Nikola; Ahmed, Sevil; Toplaov, Andon


Morphological Crater Classification via Convolutional Neural Network with Application on MOLA data

Autoren: Christoff, Nicole; Manolova, Agata; Jorda, Laurent; Mari, Jean-Luc


Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Blob Detection and Machine Learning

Autoren: Penev, Ivaylo; Karova, Milena; Todorov, Dimitar


Neural Networks in the Intelligent Educational Space

Autoren: Toskova, Asya; Toskov, Borislav; Doukovska, Lyubka; Daskalov, Borislav; Radeva, Irina


Network Risk in Artificial Network-Flow Neural Networks with Capacities

Autoren: Sgurev, Vassil; Drangajov, Stanislav


ECG-based Emotion Recognition: Overview of Methods and Applications

Autoren: Nikolova, Desislava; Petkova, Petya; Manolova, Agata; Georgieva, Petia




Learning-Based Optimization of Copper Converter Predictive Maintenance

Autoren: Hadjiski, Mincho; Bosnhakov, Kosta


Collective Neural Classifiers for Food Quality Applications

Autoren: Titova, Tanya; Nachev, Veselin; Damyanov, Chavdar