Zarándy, Ákos (Hrsg.)

CNNA 2018

16th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Application August 28-30, 2018, Budapest, Hungary

2018, 128 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-4766-5
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It is my distinguished pleasure to express a warm welcome on behalf of the Organizing Committee and of the Scientific Committee to all participants of the 6th Memristor and Memristive Symposium (MMS) and the 16th International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Network and their Applications (CNNA).

These scientific events are sponsored by Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Institute of Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and technically co-sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global).

The Memristor and Memristive Symposium and the International Workshop on Cellular Nanosclae Networks and their Applications have been organized all over the world. While MMS followed a biennial series of Symposia subsequently hosted in Berkeley (2008, 2010), Turin (2012), Notre Dame (2014) and Dresden (2016), the CNNA was hosted in Budapest (1990), Munich (1992), Rome (1994), Seville (1996), London (1998), Catania (2000), Frankfurt/Main (2002), Budapest (2004), Hsichu (2005), Istanbul (2006), Santiago
de Compostela (2008), Berkeley (2010), Turin (2012), Notre Dame (2014) and Dresden (2016). These events proved to be successful in bringing together scientists from different research areas and exploiting the results of different applications.

The Program Chair with the active help of members of the Scientific Committee did a very careful review of the submitted contributions.

The program of the 6th MMS presents plenary lectures of Prof. Leon O. Chua, Dry Geoffrey W. Burr, Prof. D. Ielmini, Prof. Wei Lu, Prof. Ming Lu, Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff, Prof. Jianhua Yang, Prof. Fernando Corinto, Dr. Vikas Rana, Prof. Nikolay V. Kuznetsov and Prof. Giorgos Sirakoulis. As far as the program of 16th CNNA Workshop is considered there are 6 sessions, a demo session and the plenary lectures of Prof. Wolfgang Porod, Prof. Angel Rodriguez-Vázquez and Dr. András Horváth.
Dr. Akos Zarándy, SZTAKI, Hungary (Editor)


Two-dimensional memristive CNN for sequence recognition

Autoren: Jankowski, Stanislaw; Szymanski, Zbigniew; Wawrzyniak, Zbigniew


Theory of CNNs with hafnium oxide RRAMs

Autoren: Ascoli, Alon; Tetzlaff, Ronald; Ielmini,  Daniele; Chua, Leon Ong



Game of Life in Memristor Cellular Automata Grid

Autoren: Karamani, Rafailia-Eleni; Fyrigos, Iosif-Angelos; Ntinas, Vasileios; Vourkas, Ioannis; Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch.


Tunable Chaos in Memristor Circuits for Pattern Recognition Tasks

Autoren: Marrone, Francesco; Corinto, Fernando



Hierarchical Modeling of Nano-Oscillator Systems

Autoren: Hull, Zachary; Chiarulli, Donald


Mammogram Classification with Local Phase Quantization Features

Autoren: Buciu, Ioan; Grava, Cristian; Tepelea, Laviniu; Gacsadi, Alexandru


Complex Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Red Blood Cells Flows

Autoren: Cairone, Fabiana; Bucolo, Maide


Remote camera based measurement of human vital signs

Autoren: Terbe, Daniel; Zarandy, Akos


Automatic skin lesion analysis using relatively small learning set

Autoren: Heri, Orsolya; Hiba, Antal; Zarandy, Akos


A New Approach for Motion Estimation and Correction of Thermographic Images in Brain Surgery

Autoren: Moshaei-Nezhad, Yahya; Mueller, Jens; Tetzlaff, Ronald; Hoffmann, Nico



Two-Layer Cellular Neural Networks with Layer of Delay Output

Autoren: Ando, Takahisa; Uwate, Yoko; Nishio, Yoshifumi



1D Cellular Automata for Pulse Width Modulated Compressive Sampling CMOS Image Sensors

Autoren: Trevisi, Marco; Carmona-Galan, Ricardo; Rodriguez-Vazquez, Angel



Color Filter Array Interpolation Using Cellular Neural Networks Considering Self-Congruence

Autoren: Iriyama, Taishi; Sato, Masatoshi; Otake, Tsuyoshi; Aomori, Hisashi; Tanaka, Mamoru


Cellular Automaton Based Random Noise Generator with Post-Processing for DT-CNN Annealing

Autoren: Fujita, Tomohiro; Nakayama, Masami; Kumaki, Takeshi; Ogura, Takeshi


Camera-based In-time Detection of Intruder Aircraft

Autoren: Bauer, Peter; Zarandy, Akos; Hiba, Antal; Bokor, Jozsef


Runway detection for UAV landing system

Autoren: Hiba, Antal; Zsedrovits, Tamas; Heri, Orsolya; Zarandy, Akos


Performance Evaluation of a Track to Track Sensor Fusion Algorithm

Autoren: Kovacs, Lorant; Lindenmaier, Laszlo; Nemeth, Huba; Tihanyi, Viktor; Zarandy, Akos



Real-Time Video Frame Differentiator Based on DDR3 SDRAM Memory Interface

Autoren: Davutoglu, Dogancan; Yildiz, Nerhun; Tavsanoglu, Vedat; Ayten, Umut Engin


An Efficient Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method Implementation on FPGA

Autoren: Kiss, Andras; Nagy, Zoltan; Santha, Levente Mark; Csaba, Gyoergy


A New Architecture for Emulating CNN with Template Learning on FPGA

Autoren: Koese, Erdem; Yalcin, Muestak E.



Demo: Real-Time Video Frame Differentiator Based on External Memory Interface

Autoren: Davutoglu, Dogancan; Yildiz, Nerhun; Tavsanoglu, Vedat; Ayten, Umut Engin


Controlling synchronization of a group of network nodes

Autoren: Gambuzza, Lucia Valentina; Frasca, Mattia; Latora, Vito


Dynamics of a Chua–Yang ring network in 8D

Autoren: Koller, Miklos; Simko, Marcell; Garay, Barnabas M.


Role of feedback and local coupling in CNNs for locomotion control of a quadruped robot

Autoren: Arena, Paolo; Bonanzinga, Andrea; Patane, Luca