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European Wireless 2019

25th European Wireless Conference 2-4 May 2019, Aarhus, Denmark

2019, 151 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-4948-5, E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8007-4949-2
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The focus of the conference European Wireless 2019 is on 5G technologies and use cases aiming for new research results, especially in the field of the emerging methodologies that are expected to have an unprecedented impact on the service flexibility and network efficiency of future wireless systems.

The EW 2019 is aimed at addressing a key theme on "Wireless Futures in the Era of Network Programmability". Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Communications
- Networking
- Thematic Wireless for EW 2019: Wireless Futures in the Era of Network Programmability

EW 2019 is committed to the highest publication and ethical standards through a rigorous single-blind peer-review process. Submitted manuscripts must be original and not be published or under review elsewhere. Papers must not infringe any copyright or third party right. The proceedings of EW 2019 will be published and will be made available on IEEE Xplore. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended journal version of their accepted papers to a special issue of Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. Acceptance of submitted papers will be based on quality, relevance, and originality. Proposals for special sessions and tutorials are also invited.
Aarhus University; VDE e.V.; ITG

Tunable Expansion Packets for Fulcrum codes

Autoren: Nguyen, Vu; Tasdemir, Elif; Nguyen, Giang T.; Lucani, Daniel E.; Fitzek, Frank H. P.


Hierarchical FEC and Modulation in Network-coded Two-way Relay Channel

Autoren: You, Dongho; Kim, Dong Ho; Salah, Hani; Fitzek, Frank H. P.



Enhancing Opportunistic Routing for Dynamic Environments

Autoren: Schade, Achim; Tsokalo, Ievgenii A.; Salah, Hani; Fitzek, Frank H. P.


A Multi-Threaded Approach to Encoding with Random Linear Network Coding

Autoren: Nielsen, Lars; Hansen, Rene Rydhof; Lucani, Daniel E.


Analysis of Blockchain Forking on an Ethereum Network

Autoren: Couto da Silva, Francisco Jose; Damsgaard, Sebastian Bro; Mousing Sorensen, Mikki Alexander; Marty, Flavien; Altariqi, Bandar; Chatzigianni, Eleftheria; Madsen, Tatiana K.; Schwefel, Hans Peter


How to Measure the Average and Peak Age of Information in Real Networks?

Autoren: Barakat, Basel; Yassine, Hachem; Keates, Simeon; Wassell, Ian; Arshad, Kamran


FileTribe: Blockchain-based Secure File Sharing on IPFS

Autoren: Sari, Laszlo; Sipos, Marton


Towards a Better Understanding of Live Migration Performance with Docker Containers

Autoren: Torre, Roberto; Urbano, Elena; Salah, Hani; Nguyen, Giang T.; Fitzek, Frank H. P.


An Algebraic Approach to Network Slicing

Autoren: Bassoli, Riccardo; Granelli, Fabrizio


Allocation of Repetition Redundancy in LoRa

Autoren: Borkotoky, Siddhartha; Bettstetter, Christian; Schilcher, Udo; Raffelsberger, Christian


Generalized Deduplication: Lossless Compression for Large Amounts of Small IoT Data

Autoren: Vestergaard, Rasmus; Lucani, Daniel E.; Zhang, Qi


Minimizing Bandwidth Use in IoT Storage with Random Device Failures

Autoren: Zhao, Xiaobo; Lucani, Daniel E.; Shen, Xiaohong; Wang, Haiyan


Study of a Self-Powered UWB Sensor Network for Industrial Applications

Autoren: Schmidt, Jorge F.; Chernov, Denis; Pauritsch, Manfred; Bettstetter, Christian


Enabling Secure Multicast Group Communications in IP Wireless Networks for the Internet of Things

Autoren: Hernandez Marcano, Nestor J.; Lauritsen, Jacob H.; Jacobsen, Kasper K.; Jacobsen, Rune Hylsberg



System Level Analysis of K-Repetition for Uplink Grant-Free URLLC in 5G NR

Autoren: Jacobsen, Thomas; Abreu, Renato; Berardinelli, Gilberto; Pedersen, Klaus; Kovacs, Istvan Z.; Mogensen, Preben


Performance Analysis and Optimization of Cooperative Caching in Cellular Networks

Autoren: Cao, Fengming; Zhu, Ziming; Sooriyabandara, Mahesh; Fan, Zhong; Ganesh, Ayalvadi; Armour, Simon


Dynamic Uplink Resource Dimensioning for Massive MTC in 5G Networks Based on SCMA

Autoren: Miuccio, Luciano; Panno, Daniela; Riolo, Salvatore


Initial Concept of an Oracle-Structured Stream Compression Protocol for Arbitrary Network Flows

Autoren: Toemoeskoezi, Mate; Luo, Mingchuan; Fitzek, Frank H. P.; Ekler, Peter



On the Different Mathematical Realizations for the Digital Synthesis of LoRa-Based Modulation

Autoren: Elshabrawy, Tallal; Edward, Phoebe; Ashour, Mohamed; Robert, Joerg


Quality-Aware Broadcasting Strategies for Position Estimation in VANETs

Autoren: Mason, Federico; Giordani, Marco; Chiariotti, Federico; Zanella, Andrea; Zorzi, Michele


UWB Connectivity Inside a Space Launch Vehicle

Autoren: Neuhold, Daniel; Schmidt, Jorge F.; Bettstetter, Christian; Sebald, Johannes; Klaue, Jirka


Comparing DASH Adaptation Algorithms in a Real Network Environment

Autoren: Talon, Davide; Attanasio, Luca; Chiariotti, Federico; Gadaleta, Matteo; Zanella, Andrea; Rossi, Michele