Cover IEC 60228:2004

IEC 60228:2004

Conductors of insulated cables

Ausgabedatum: 2004-11
Edition: 3.0
Sprache: EN-FR - zweisprachig englisch/französisch
Seitenzahl: 37 VDE-Artnr.: 211610


Specifies the nominal cross-sectional areas, in the range 0,5 mm2 to 2 500 mm2, for conductors in electric power cables and cords of a wide range of types. Requirements for numbers and sizes of wires and resistance values are also included. These conductors include solid and stranded copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors in cables for fixed installations and flexible copper conductors.The standard does not apply to conductors for telecommunication purposes.The applicability of this standard to a particular type of cable is as specified in the standard for the type of cable.Unless indicated to the contrary in a particular clause, this standard relates to the conductors in the finished cable and not to the conductor as made or supplied for inclusion into a cable.Informative annexes are included giving supplementary information covering temperature correction factors for resistance measurement (Annex B) and dimensional limits of circular conductors (Annex C).The principal changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows:a) the consolidation of material from IEC 60228A;b) addition of a definition for nominal cross-sectional area;c) an increase in the range of conductor sizes in Tables 1 and 2;d) addition of a note that solid aluminum alloy conductors, having the same dimensions as aluminum conductors, will have a higher resistance;e) strengthening of the recommendations for dimensional limits of compacted stranded copper conductors.

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