Cover ISO/IEC 15408-2:2008

ISO/IEC 15408-2:2008

Information technology -- Security techniques -- Evaluation criteria for IT security -- Part 2: Security functional components

Ausgabedatum: 2008-08
Edition: 3.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
Seitenzahl: 218 VDE-Artnr.: 214878

ISO/IEC 15408-2:2008 defines the content and presentation of the security functional requirements to be assessed in a security evaluation using ISO/IEC 15408. It contains a comprehensive catalogue of predefined security functional components that will meet most common security needs of the marketplace. These are organized using a hierarchical structure of classes, families and components, and supported by comprehensive user notes. ISO/IEC 15408-2:2008 also provides guidance on the specification of customized security requirements where no suitable predefined security functional components exist.