Cover IEC PAS 61076-3-126:2018

IEC PAS 61076-3-126:2018

Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment - Product requirements - Part 3-126: Rectangular connectors - Detail specification for 5 pole power connector for industrial environments with push-pull locking

Ausgabedatum: 2018-01
Edition: 1.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
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IEC/PAS 61076-3-126:2018(E) covers rectangular IP65/IP67 connectors with 5 poles for electric power supply up to 16 A. These connectors consist of fixed and free connectors, either rewirable or non- rewirable (for both portions). It uses the general function principles of the push-pull connector housing system described in IEC 61076-3-117 with IP65/IP67 degree of protection according to IEC 60529 for harsh applications.
Male connectors have 5 square 1 mm electric contacts, with 16 A rated current. Connectors according this document are without breaking capacity COC according to IEC 61984, therefore they are not intended to be engaged or disengaged in normal use when live or under load, if not otherwise specified by the manufacturer.