Cover IEC 60825-2:2004+AMD1:2006+AMD2:2010 CSV (Consolidated Version)

IEC 60825-2:2004+AMD1:2006+AMD2:2010 CSV (Consolidated Version)

Safety of laser products - Part 2: Safety of optical fibre communication systems (OFCS)

Circulation Date: 2010-12
Edition: 3.2
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 110 VDE Artno.: 217695


IEC 60825-2:2004+A1:2006+A2:2010 Provides requirements and specific guidance for the safe operation and maintenance of optical fibre communication systems (OFCS). In these systems optical power may be accessible outside the confinements of transmitting equipment or at great distance from the optical source. This Part 2 requires the assessment of hazard levels at accessible locations as a replacement for classification according to IEC 60825-1. It applies to the complete installed end-to-end OFCS, including its components and subassemblies that generate or amplify optical radiation. Individual components and subassemblies that are sold only to OEM vendors for incorporation into a complete installed end-to-end OFCS need not be assessed to this standard, since the final OFCS should itself be assessed according to this standard. The objective of this Part 2 of IEC 60825 is to:
- protect people from optical radiation resulting from OFCS;
- provide requirements for manufacturers, installation organizations, service organizations and operating organizations in order to establish procedures and supply information so that proper precautions can be adopted;
- ensure adequate warnings are provided to individuals regarding the potential hazards associated with OFCS through the use of signs, labels and instructions. This consolidated version consists of the third edition (2004), its amendment 1 (2006), its amendment 2 (2010), interpretation sheet 1 (2008) and 2 (2018). Therefore, no need to order amendments in addition to this publication.