Cover IEC 60364-7-706:2005+AMD1:2019 CSV (Consolidated Version)

IEC 60364-7-706:2005+AMD1:2019 CSV (Consolidated Version)

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-706: Requirements for special installations or locations - Conducting locations with restricted movement

Circulation Date: 2019-09
Edition: 2.1
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 43 VDE Artno.: 248076


IEC 60364-7-706:2005+A1:2019 applies to fixed equipment in conducting locations where movement of persons is restricted by the location, and to supplies for portable equipment for use in such locations. A conducting location with restricted movement is comprised mainly of metallic or other conductive surrounding parts, within which it is likely that a person will come in contact through a substantial portion of his body with the metallic or other conductive surrounding parts and where the possibility of interrupting this contact is limited.
This consolidated version consists of the second edition (2005) and its amendment 1 (2019). Therefore, no need to order amendments in addition to this publication.