Cover IEC 60034-2-3:2020

IEC 60034-2-3:2020

Rotating electrical machines - Part 2-3: Specific test methods for determining losses and efficiency of converter-fed AC motors

Circulation Date: 2020-03
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 54 VDE Artno.: 248504


IEC 60034-2-3:2020 specifies test methods and an interpolation procedure for determining losses and efficiencies of converter-fed motors within the scope of IEC 60034-1:2017. The motor is then part of a variable frequency power drive system (PDS) as defined in IEC 61800-9-2:2017.
Applying the approach of the comparable converter, the motor efficiency determined by use of this document is applicable for comparison of different motor designs only.
The document also specifies procedures to determine motor losses at any load point (torque, speed) within the base speed range (constant torque range, constant flux range) based on determination of losses at seven standardized load points. This procedure is applicable to any variable speed AC motor (induction and synchronous) rated according to IEC 60034-1:2017 for operation on a variable frequency and variable voltage power supply.