Cover IEC 62657-4:2022

IEC 62657-4:2022

Industrial networks - Coexistence of wireless systems - Part 4: Coexistence management with central coordination of wireless applications

Circulation Date: 2022-05
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 204 VDE Artno.: 250918


IEC 62657-4:2022 specifies a concept and methods for central coordination (CC) of automation applications using wireless communications to extend the coexistence management according to IEC 62657-2. It establishes system elements, interfaces and relationships for a central coordination. Functions, data, and data exchange for assessing and maintaining the coexistence state are specified.
This document specifies the central coordination point (CCP) approach as one example of the usage of the formal description given in IEC 62657-3.
This document is applicable to develop, implement, or modify procedures or solutions.
This document provides requirements for automated coexistence management systems.
This document provides requirements for:
• determination of the coexistence state,
• automated coexistence management procedures,
• CC amendments for existing wireless communication solutions,
• CC functions that coordinate legacy and new wireless communication systems.
This document is not restricted to a specific radio frequency range nor is it restricted to a specific wireless communication technology.