Cover E DIN EN 50388-1 VDE 0115-606-1:2017-09

E DIN EN 50388-1 VDE 0115-606-1:2017-09

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Railway Applications – Fixed installations and rolling stock – Technical criteria for the coordination between traction power supply and rolling stock to achieve interoperability

Part 1: General;

German version prEN 50388-1:2017
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2017-09   Published: 2017-08-25
VDE Art. No.: 1100463
End of objection deadline: 2017-10-25


This European Standard establishes requirements for the technical compatibility of rolling stock with infrastructure particularly in relation to co-ordination of protection principles between power supply and traction units, especially fault discrimination for short-circuits; co-ordination of installed power on the line and the power demand of trains; co-ordination of traction unit regenerative braking and power supply receptivity; co-ordination of harmonic behaviour (see EN 50388-2). This European Standard deals with the definition and quality requirements of the power supply at the interface between traction units and fixed installations. This European Standard specifies the interface between rolling stock and electrical fixed installations for traction, in respect of the power supply system.