Cover E DIN EN 62282-3-100 VDE 0130-3-100:2017-10

E DIN EN 62282-3-100 VDE 0130-3-100:2017-10

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Fuel cell technologies

Part 3-100: Stationary fuel cell power systems – Safety

(IEC 105/634/CD:2016)
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2017-10   Published: 2017-09-08
VDE Art. No.: 1100468
End of objection deadline: 2017-11-08


This part of IEC 62282 applies to stationary packaged, self-contained fuel cell power systems or fuel cell power systems comprised of factory matched packages of integrated systems which generate electricity through electrochemical reactions.
This standard applies to systems
- intended for electrical connection to mains direct, or with a transfer switch, or to a stand-alone power distribution system;
- intended to provide AC or DC power;
- with or without the ability to recover useful heat.