Cover E DIN EN 62282-8-201 VDE 0130-8-201:2018-07

E DIN EN 62282-8-201 VDE 0130-8-201:2018-07

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Fuel cell technologies

Part 8-201: Energy storage systems using fuel cell modules in reverse mode – Power-to-power systems – Performance

(IEC 105/679/CD:2018); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2018-07   Published: 2018-06-15
VDE Art. No.: 1100510
End of objection deadline: 2018-08-15


This part of IEC 62282 defines the evaluation methods of typical performances for electrical energy storage systems using hydrogen. This is applicable to the systems which use electrochemical reaction devices for both power charge and discharge.