Cover E DIN EN 62351-3/A2 VDE 0112-351-3/A2:2020-10

E DIN EN 62351-3/A2 VDE 0112-351-3/A2:2020-10

Power systems management and associated information exchange – Data and communications security -

Part 3: Communication network and system security – Profiles including TCP/IP

(IEC 57/2149/FDIS:2019); German and English version EN 62351-3:2014/FprA2:2019
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2020 -10   Published: 2020-09 -25
VDE Art. No.: 1100624
End of objection deadline: 2020-11-25

The second amendment to the international standard IEC 62351-3 includes, among other things, that support for TLS-versions 1.0 and 1.1 is optional in order to avoid known weaknesses, as well as updating the handling of TLS-versions during renegotiation and reengagement. In addition, the text has been adapted to clarify communication relationships and to offer improvements to security events in coordination with IEC 62351-14. The changes in line with the current state of the technology ensure that the safety requirements placed on the system management of power engineering can be met.