Cover E DIN EN IEC 63248 VDE 0212-307:2020-01

E DIN EN IEC 63248 VDE 0212-307:2020-01

* German Language Version *

Conductors for overhead lines

Coated or cladded metallic wire for concentric lay stranded conductors

(IEC 7/685/CD:2019); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2020-01   Published: 2019-12-06
VDE Art. No.: 1200049
End of objection deadline: 2020-02-06

The purpose of this standard is to group together similar wire materials that share the same general characteristics and therefore the same test procedures and requirements. Included in this standard are existing wire types from IEC 60888 and IEC 61232 as well as new wires materials that are already in use around the world in new types of conductors.