Cover E DIN EN 61788-25 VDE 0390-25:2017-05

E DIN EN 61788-25 VDE 0390-25:2017-05

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Part 25: Mechanical properties measurement – Room Temperature Tensile Test on REBCO Wires

(IEC 90/379/CD:2016)
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2017-05   Published: 2017-04-21
VDE Art. No.: 1300069
End of objection deadline: 2017-06-21


This part of IEC 61788-25 specifies a test method detailing the tensile test procedures to be carried out 132 on REBCO superconductive composite tapes at room temperature. This test is used to measure the 133 modulus of elasticity and 0,2 % proof strength. The values for elastic limit, fracture strength and 134 percentage elongation after fracture shall serve only as a reference. The sample covered by this test 135 procedure should have a rectangular cross-section with an area of 0,12 mm2 to 6,0 mm2 (corresponding 136 to the tapes with width of 2,0 mm to 12,0 mm and thickness of 0,06 mm to 0,5 mm).