Cover E DIN EN IEC 61249-6-3 VDE 0322-249-6-3:2019-04

E DIN EN IEC 61249-6-3 VDE 0322-249-6-3:2019-04

* German Language Version *

Materials for printed boards and other interconnecting structures

Part 6-3: Sectional specification set for reinforcement materials – Specification for finished fabric woven from "E" glass for printed boards

(IEC 91/1548/CD:2018); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2019-04   Published: 2019-03-22
VDE Art. No.: 1300101
End of objection deadline: 2019-05-22

This International Standard covers finished fabrics woven from "E" glass electrical grade glass fibre yarns that are intended as a reinforcing material in laminated plastics for electrical and electronic use. All fabrics covered by this specification are plain weave.