Cover E DIN EN IEC 60695-1-12 VDE 0471-1-12:2021-04

E DIN EN IEC 60695-1-12 VDE 0471-1-12:2021-04

Fire hazard testing

Part 1-12: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products – Fire safety engineering

(IEC 60695-1-12:2015); German version EN IEC 60695-1-12:2020
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021 -04   Published: 2021-03 -19
VDE Art. No.: 1400438
End of objection deadline: 2021-05-19

This part -1-12 of IEC 60695 is intended as a general guideline for IEC Product Committees and provides:
- an explanation of the principles and uses of fire safety engineering;
- guidance on the use of fire safety engineering in the design of electrotechnical products;
- fire safety engineering terminology, and concepts;
- an indication of properties, data and tests needed for input into fire safety engineering assessments;
- informative references.