Cover E DIN EN 62040-1 VDE 0558-510:2014-06

E DIN EN 62040-1 VDE 0558-510:2014-06

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Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

Part 1: General and safety requirements for UPS

(IEC 22H/166/CD:2013)
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2014-06   Published: 2014-05-16
VDE Art. No.: 1500024
End of objection deadline: 2014-07-16


This International standard is applicable to uninterruptible power systems (UPS) which are movable, stationary, fixed or for building-in, foruse in low-voltage distribution systems and intended to be installed in any operator accessible area or in restricted access locations as applicable. It specifies requirements to ensure safety for the operator and layman who may come into contact with the equipment and, where specifically stated, for the service person.