Cover E DIN EN IEC 60384-14 VDE 0565-1-1:2021-04

E DIN EN IEC 60384-14 VDE 0565-1-1:2021-04

* German Language Version *

Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment

Part 14: Sectional specification – Fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains

(IEC 40/2773/CD:2020); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021-04   Published: 2021-03-26
VDE Art. No.: 1500203
End of objection deadline: 2021-05-26

This part of IEC 60384 applies to capacitors and resistor-capacitor combinations which will be connected to an AC mains or other supply with nominal voltage not exceeding 1 000 V AC (RMS) or 1 500 V DC, and with a nominal frequency not exceeding 100 Hz. NOTE: In Annex J safe use of capacitors in AC mains up to 400 Hz frequency is described.