Cover E DIN EN 62271-100 VDE 0671-100:2018-11

E DIN EN 62271-100 VDE 0671-100:2018-11

* German Language Version *

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear

Part 100: Alternating current circuit-breakers

(IEC 17A/1178/CD:2018); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2018-11   Published: 2018-10-19
VDE Art. No.: 1600239
End of objection deadline: 2018-12-19


This part of IEC 62271 is applicable to AC circuit-breakers designed for indoor or outdoor installation and for operation at frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz on systems having voltages above 1 000 V.
It is only applicable to three-pole circuit-breakers for use in three-phase systems and single-pole circuit-breakers for use in single-phase systems. Two-pole circuit-breakers for use in single-phase systems and application at frequencies lower than 50 Hz are subject to agreement between manufacturer and user.

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