Cover E DIN EN 60669-2-1/A2 VDE 0632-2-1/A2:2012-12

E DIN EN 60669-2-1/A2 VDE 0632-2-1/A2:2012-12

Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations

Part 2-1: Particular requirements – Electronic switches

(IEC 23B/1069/CD:2012)
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2012-12   Published: 2012-11-26
VDE Art. No.: 1632062
End of objection deadline: 2013-02-03

This proposal introduces requirements for electronic switches with mechanical contacts to be used with Self Ballasted Lamps. In this respect, Annex CC explains the rationale on which the modification is based. It also includes additional requirements for switches to be used in DLT systems.