Cover E DIN ISO 21388 VDE 0753-388:2019-05

E DIN ISO 21388 VDE 0753-388:2019-05

* German Language Version *

Hearing aid fitting management (HAFM)

(ISO/DIS 21388:2018); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2019-05   Published: 2019-04-19
VDE Art. No.: 1701472
End of objection deadline: 2019-06-19


This standard applies to Hearing Aid Fitting Management (HAFM) services offered by hearing aid professionals (HAP) when providing benefit for their clients. The provision of hearing aids relies on the practices of a hearing aid professional, to ensure the proper fitting and adequate service in the interest of the client with hearing loss.
This standard specifies general processes of HAFM from the client profile to the follow-up through administering, organising and controlling hearing aid fitting through all stages. It also specifies important preconditions such as education, facilities, and systems that are required to ensure proper services.