Cover E DIN EN 60456/AA VDE 0705-456/AA:2020-11

E DIN EN 60456/AA VDE 0705-456/AA:2020-11

* German Language Version *

Clothes washing machines for household use

Methods for measuring the performance;

German and English version EN 60456:2016/prAA:2019
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2020-11   Published: 2020-10-23
VDE Art. No.: 1701535
End of objection deadline: 2020-12-23

This draft specifies methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for household use, with or without heating devices utilizing cold and/or hot water supply. It also deals with appliances for water extraction by centrifugal force (spin extractors) and is applicable to appliances for both washing and drying textiles (washer-dryers) with respect to their washing related functions. This draft also covers washing machines which specify the use of no detergent for normal use.
The object is to state and define the principal performance characteristics of electric household washing machines and spin extractors and to describe the test method for measuring these characteristics.