Cover E DIN EN IEC 60839-11-5 VDE 0830-8-11-5:2019-10

E DIN EN IEC 60839-11-5 VDE 0830-8-11-5:2019-10

* German Language Version *

Alarm and electronic security systems

Part 11-5: Electronic access control systems – Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)

(IEC 79/617/CDV:2019); German and English version prEN IEC 60839-11-5:2019
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2019-10   Published: 2019-09-13
VDE Art. No.: 1800508
End of objection deadline: 2019-11-13


This part of IEC 60839 specifies the Open Supervised Device Protocol for electronic access control systems. This includes communication settings, commands and replies between the ACU and the peripheral devices. It also includes a mapping of mandatory and optional requirements as per IEC 60839-11-1:2013 as covered by Annex F.