Cover E DIN VDE V 0827-3 VDE V 0827-3:2020-06

E DIN VDE V 0827-3 VDE V 0827-3:2020-06

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Emergency and danger systems

Part 3: Emergency, danger and hazard response systems - Risk management file and examples for applications

Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2020-06   Published: 2020-05-29
VDE Art. No.: 1800566
End of objection deadline: 2020-07-29

The protection target (physical integrity) is defined in the German Occupational Safety Act and related regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a hazard assessment (e.g. prevention of violence) for employees and all persons in the premises. In general, the requirements detailed in the Occupational Safety Act are to be met when drafting a safety concept and establishing a technical risk management process.