Cover E DIN CLC/TS 50131-5-1 VDE V 0830-2-5-1:2021-01

E DIN CLC/TS 50131-5-1 VDE V 0830-2-5-1:2021-01

* German Language Version *

Alarm systems – Intrusion systems

Part 5-1: Interconnections – Requirements for wired Interconnection for I&HAS equipments located in supervised premises;

German and English version CLC/FprTS 50131-5-1:2020
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021-01   Published: 2020-12-11
VDE Art. No.: 1800614
End of objection deadline: 2021-02-11

This Technical Specification applies to interconnections between intrusion and hold-up alarm system components using specific or non-specific wired interconnections. The interconnected components may be located within the supervised premises, or normally mounted on the outside of the supervised premises.