Cover E DIN EN 50065-4-5 VDE 0808-4-5:2021-09

E DIN EN 50065-4-5 VDE 0808-4-5:2021-09

Signalling on low-voltage electrical installations in the frequency range 3 kHz to 148,5 kHz

Part 4-5: Low voltage decoupling filter – Segmentation filter;

German and English version prEN 50065-4-5:2021
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021 -09   Published: 2021-08 -27
VDE Art. No.: 1800652
End of objection deadline: 2021-10-27

This document applies to segmentation filters in a mains communication system, intended for utility networks or household and similar fixed installation including residential, commercial and light industrial buildings. These filters are used to control the coupling of signals between two areas of a mains communications system as illustrated in Figure 1.
This document defines in the relevant frequency range:
- the minimum impedance a both ports of the filter,
- the minimum attenuation of signals transmitted between the ports of the filter.

This Document is related to the following Topics (in bold):

31.020 Electronic components in general
31.040 Resistors
31.060 Capacitors
31.080 Semiconductor devices
31.120 Electronic display devices
31.140 Piezoelectric devices
31.160 Electric filters
31.180 Printed circuits and boards
31.190 Electronic component assemblies
31.200 Integrated circuits. Microelectronics
31.220 Electromechanical components for electronic and telecommunications equipment
31.240 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment
31.260 Optoelectronics. Laser equipment
33.020 Telecommunications in general
33.040 Telecommunication systems
33.050 Telecommunication terminal equipment
33.060 Radiocommunications
33.070 Mobile services
33.100 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
33.120 Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment
33.140 Special measuring equipment for use in telecommunications
33.160 Audio, video and audiovisual engineering
33.170 Television and radio broadcasting
33.180 Fibre optic communications
33.200 Telecontrol. Telemetering
97.030 Domestic electrical appliances in general
97.040 Kitchen equipment
97.060 Laundry appliances
97.080 Cleaning appliances
97.100 Domestic, commercial and industrial heating appliances
97.120 Automatic controls for household use
97.130 Shop fittings
97.140 Furniture
97.145 Ladders
97.150 Non-textile floor coverings
97.170 Body care equipment
97.180 Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment
97.190 Equipment for children
97.200 Equipment for entertainment
97.220 Sports equipment and facilities

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