Cover E DIN VDE 0873-1 VDE 0873-1:2012-03

E DIN VDE 0873-1 VDE 0873-1:2012-03

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Measures against radio interference from electric utility plants

Radio interference from installations with a nominal voltage of 10 kV and more

Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2012-03   Published: 2012-03-19
VDE Art. No.: 1873001
End of objection deadline: 2012-07-26


This standard applies to electrical installations of the public and private electricity supply and of electrical railway with nominal voltages with and above 10 kV, that serve directly for the generation, transport and distribution of electricity for own purposes. The catenary is excluded. The standard contains statements concerning the origin of the radio disturbances and measures for their detection, reduction or deletion. In the case of radio disturbances that are caused by spark discharges mitigation measures shall be undertaken by the causer. In relation to the radio interference suppression of railway installations this standard overtakes the recommendations of the previous standard that are not adressed in DIN EN 50121-2 (VDE 0115-121-2).