Cover IEC 60921:2004+AMD1:2006 CSV (Consolidated Version)

IEC 60921:2004+AMD1:2006 CSV (Consolidated Version)

Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps - Performance requirements

Circulation Date: 2006-06
Edition: 2.1
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 63 VDE Artno.: 212844


This standard specifies performance requirements for ballasts, excluding resistance types, for use on a.c. supplies up to 1 000 V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, associated with tubular fluorescent lamps with pre-heated cathodes operated with or without a starter or starting device and having rated wattages, dimensions and characteristics as specified in IEC 60081 and 60901. It applies to complete ballasts and their component parts such as resistors, transformers and capacitors. This consolidated version consists of the second edition (2004) and its amendment 1 (2006). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.