Instructions for authors contributing to conferences

Dear Author,


to ease the preparation of your paper special patterns have been prepared. Using these patterns an uniform appearance is guaranteed and the job can easily be done by automatically observing all formats, making up into pages and spacing.

You will find sample pages formatted in MS-WORD (zip) with patterns.

Furthermore, please follow these Typing Instructions (pdf), above all the technical directions.

Submission of Paper

We need a transfer of your contribution as an unprotected pdf-file, since a faithful reproduction will be guaranteed, by e-mail or CD-ROM. Graphics and figures must be included at the proper place in the document, also all used fonts (standard fonts, too). Please note that errors and misstyping caused by e-mail transfer or disregard of these typing instructions cannot be corrected prior to printing.

Copyright Agreement

Do not forget to read the Copyright Agreement (pdf). When supplying your contribution to the VDE you agree with these conditions.

Software licence agreement

Production of CD-ROM`s may not be performed with any kind of unlicensed software. Authors of contribution for VDE-proceedings therefore confirm that only licenced software has been used to prepare their paper and therefore release VDE and VDE VERLAG GMBH from any claim for damage of third parties.

Oral presentation

For the Conference
Oral presenting authors should add a short vita (max. 50 words) to their paper to allow the chairman to introduce them to the audience.

Please make sure, that your overhead slides are clearly arranged by using at least a type size of 28 pts. (Titles min. 48 pts.) Thus the visitors in the rear part of the conference room will easily follow your lecture. When preparing colored slides or presentation with beamer, please take care of high-contrast colors to allow the identification of details.

Poster presentation

For poster presentation pin walls of 1,40 m height x 1,20 width are normally available. Please take into consideration that the conference organizer takes no responsibility for posters not being removed after the session.

Beamer presentation

If presentation using LCD-beamers has been agreed please check the available equipment at the conference site well in advance of your lecture in order to avoid any delay. Please have the necessary plug-ins and connecting cables available for your laptop. Mains supply in Germany is 220 V AC, 50 cycles.

We wish you good luck while preparing your paper and thank you for your cooperation!