VDE Specifications Code of Safety Standards

The electrotechnical DIN standards issued by the DKE (Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik in DIN und VDE - are part of the German standards collection. These electrotechnical safety standards receive a VDE classification number and are included in the VDE Specifications Code of Safety Standards.

At present we may place over 3.000 valid standards and drafts of standards at your disposal.

As few customers need all of the documents for their work, it is possible to order only single documents or subscribe to parts of the collection covering subject areas, areas of business and topics.
Subscriptions will assure you a tremendous advantage in price compared to the individual purchase. Furthermore, you will always have the most recent edition of the valid standards at hand.
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English Translations of VDE-Standards

English translations are available for many VDE standards. These available documents can be downloaded immediately after purchase and payment by credit card / PayPal.

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