Cover IEC 60204-31:2013

IEC 60204-31:2013

Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 31: Particular safety and EMC requirements for sewing machines, units and systems

Circulation Date: 2013-04
Edition: 4.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 46 VDE Artno.: 219790


IEC 60204-31:2013 applies to electrical and electronic equipment, sewing machines, units and systems, designed specifically for professional use in the sewing industry. It is applicable to the electrical equipment or parts of the electrical equipment which operate with nominal supply voltages not exceeding 1 000 V for alternating current and not exceeding 1 500 V for direct current, and with nominal frequencies not exceeding 200 Hz. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition, published in 2001 and constitutes a technical revision. It includes the following changes:
- Alignment of the normative references;
- Alignment of titles and subtitles to the IEC 60204-1;
- Revision of Annex AA to align this annex with the relevant IEC standards.

This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 60204-1:2009.