Cover IEC 60076-14:2013

IEC 60076-14:2013

Power transformers - Part 14: Liquid-immersed power transformers using high-temperature insulation materials

Circulation Date: 2013-09
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 119 VDE Artno.: 220232


IEC 60076-14:2013 applies to liquid-immersed power transformers employing either high-temperature insulation or combinations of high-temperature and conventional insulation, operating at temperatures above conventional limits. It is applicable to:
- power transformers in accordance with IEC 60076-1;
- convertor transformers according to IEC 61378 series;
- transformers for wind turbine applications in accordance with IEC 60076-16;
- arc furnace transformers;
- reactors in accordance with IEC 60076-6. This part of IEC 60076 may be applicable as a reference for the use of high-temperature insulation materials in other types of transformers and reactors. This first edition of IEC 60076-14 cancels and replaces the second edition of the Technical Specification IEC/TS 60076-14 published in 2009. It constitutes a technical revision.