Cover IEC TS 62332-2:2014

IEC TS 62332-2:2014

Electrical insulation systems (EIS) - Thermal evaluation of combined liquid and solid components - Part 2: Simplified test

Circulation Date: 2014-04
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 50 VDE Artno.: 220751


IEC TS 62332-2:2014 is applicable to EIS containing solid and liquid components where the thermal stress is the dominant ageing factor, without restriction to voltage class. This part specifies a sealed tube test procedure for the thermal evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems (EIS). One aspect of this procedure is to also provide a method to assign thermal classifications to materials used in EIS where solid and liquid components are both used. This procedure describes a comparative ageing method whereby a reference system composed of kraft paper and mineral oil is compared to a candidate system of any combination of solid and insulating liquid. The test procedures in this part are specifically applicable to liquid immersed transformer insulation systems.