Cover IEC 61180:2016

IEC 61180:2016

High-voltage test techniques for low-voltage equipment - Definitions, test and procedure requirements, test equipment

Circulation Date: 2016-06
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 98 VDE Artno.: 223656


IEC 61180:2016 is applicable to dielectric tests with direct voltage; dielectric tests with alternating voltage; dielectric tests with impulse voltage and test equipment used for dielectric tests on low-voltage equipment. This standard is applicable only to tests on equipment having a rated voltage of not more than 1 kV a.c. or 1,5 kV d.c. This standard is applicable to type and routine tests for objects which are subjected to high voltage tests as specified by the technical committee. The test equipment comprises a voltage generator and a measuring system. This standard covers test equipment in which the measuring system is protected against external interference and coupling by appropriate screening, for example a continuous conducting shield. Therefore, simple comparison tests are sufficient to ensure valid results. This standard is not intended to be used for electromagnetic compatibility tests on electric or electronic equipment. Tests with the combination of impulse voltages and currents are covered by IEC 61000-4-5. This standard provides the relevant technical committees as far as possible with:
- defined terms of both general and specific applicability;
- general requirements regarding test objects and test procedures;
- methods for generation and measurement of test voltages;
- test procedures;
- methods for the evaluation of test results and to indicate criteria for acceptance;
- requirements concerning approved measuring devices and checking methods and measurement uncertainty. Alternative test procedures may be required and these should be specified by the relevant technical committees. Care should be taken if the test object has voltage limiting devices, as they may influence the results of the test. The relevant technical committees should provide guidance for testing objects equipped with voltage limiting devices. This 1st edition of IEC 61180 cancels and replaces the 1st edition of IEC 61180-1, issued in 1992, and the 1st edition of IEC 61180-2, issued in 1994. Key words: High Voltage Test Techniques, Dielectric Tests, Disruptive Discharge, Withstand Voltage.