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IEC 62828-3:2018

Reference conditions and procedures for testing industrial and process measurement transmitters - Part 3: Specific procedures for temperature transmitters

Circulation Date: 2018-04
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 28 VDE Artno.: 225544


IEC 62828-3:2018 establishes specific procedures for testing temperature transmitters used in measuring and control systems for industrial process and for machinery control systems.
When the process measurement transmitter features the temperature transmitter separated from the sensing element, the standard applies only to the temperature transmitter without the sensing element. In the case of a device where the sensing element is fully integrated with the temperature transmitter, the standard applies to the complete device. For general test procedures, reference is made to IEC 62828-1, which is applicable to all types of industrial and process measurement transmitters (PMT). The sensing element itself as well as radiation thermometers are excluded from the scope of this document. The IEC 62828 series cancels and replaces the IEC 60770 series and proposes revisions for the IEC 61298 series.
NOTE In industrial and process applications to indicate the process measurement transmitters, it is common also to use the terms “industrial transmitters”, or “process transmitters”.