Cover ISO/IEC TR 38505-2:2018

ISO/IEC TR 38505-2:2018

Information technology - Governance of IT - Governance of data - Part 2: Implications of ISO/IEC 38505-1 for data management

Circulation Date: 2018-05
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
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ISO/IEC TR 38505-2:2018 This document provides guidance to the members of governing bodies of organizations and their executive managers on the implications of ISO/IEC 38505-1 for data management. It assumes understanding of the principles of ISO/IEC 38500 and familiarization with the data accountability map and associated matrix of considerations, as presented in ISO/IEC 38505-1.
This document enables an informed dialogue between the governing body and the senior/executive management team of an organization to ensure that the data use throughout the organization aligns with the strategic direction set by the governing body.
This document covers the following:
- identifying the information that a governing body requires in order to evaluate and direct the strategies and policies relating to a data-driven business;
- identifying the capabilities and potential of measurement systems that can be used to monitor the performance of data and its uses.