Cover IEC TS 63050:2019

IEC TS 63050:2019

Radiation protection instrumentation - Dosemeters for pulsed fields of ionizing radiation

Circulation Date: 2019-10
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
Seitenzahl: 23 VDE Artno.: 248160


IEC TS 63050:2019 applies to all types of dosemeters, irrespective of the type of radiation intended to be measured. Tests according to this document determine whether a single radiation pulse can be measured correctly even if the dosemeter is in the internal state relevant for measuring background or environmental radiation.
The annex in the document gives some parameter values for typical workplaces where pulsed radiation occurs.
This document considers the pulsation of the radiation field as an additional influence quantity like particle energy and direction of radiation incidence. Therefore, the tests described are additional to all the tests in the instrument specific standards. This document describes methods to determine the following characteristic parameters of the dosemeters:

  • the maximum measurable dose rate in the pulse, Hmeas,max
  • the maximum measurable dose in the pulse, Hmeas,max
  • the minimal pulse duration, tmeas,min and
  • the range for the pulse repetition frequency, fmeas,min to fmeas,max