Cover ISO/IEC TR 11801-9909:2020

ISO/IEC TR 11801-9909:2020

Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises - Part 9909: Evaluation of balanced cabling in support of 25 Gbit/s for reach greater than 30 metres

Circulation Date: 2020-06
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
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ISO/IEC TR 11801-9909:2020, which is a Technical Report, covers evaluation and recommendations for achieving extended reach, greater than 30 m, for 25 Gbit/s applications over balanced cabling channels.
This document covers channel reference implementations, based on Category 8.1 and Category 8.2, 2 000 MHz, components.
The channel and component category specifications covered in this document are not intended to be normative.