Cover IEC 60793-1-61:2017

IEC 60793-1-61:2017

Optical fibres - Part 1-61: Measurement methods and test procedures - Polarization crosstalk

Circulation Date: 2017-02
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
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IEC 60793-1-61: 2017 establishes uniform requirements for measuring the polarization crosstalk of polarization-maintaining (PM) fibres. This document gives two methods for measuring the polarization crosstalk of PM fibres. Method A is the power ratio method, which uses the maximum and minimum values of output power at a specified wavelength, and Method B is the in-line method, which uses an analysis of the Poincaré sphere. Details of each method are described in Clause 6. Crosstalk values obtained by Methods A and B are based on different definitions. The crosstalk measured by Method A is defined as an 'averaged' value over a measured wavelength range. In contrast, the crosstalk value obtained from Method B shows the 'worst case' crosstalk value.