Cover IEC 60584-3:2021

IEC 60584-3:2021

Thermocouples - Part 3: Extension and compensating cables - Tolerances and identification system

Circulation Date: 2021-02
Edition: 3.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 23 VDE Artno.: 249666


IEC 60584-3:2021 It is necessary for thermocouple temperature measurement that the electro-motive force (abbreviated as e.m.f. hereafter) of the thermocouple circuit is precisely measured by a measuring instrument. A thermocouple is electrically connected to the instrument by a proper pair of electric cables. IEC 60584-3:2021 standardizes these cables. It specifies identification and manufacturing tolerances for extension and compensating cables (mineral insulated extension and compensating cables are not included) provided directly to users of industrial processes. These tolerances are determined with respect to the e.m.f. ver-sus temperature relationship of IEC 60584-1. The requirements for extension and compensating cables for use in industrial process control are specified.