Cover IEC 61472-2:2021

IEC 61472-2:2021

Live working - Minimum approach distances - Part 2: Method of determination of the electrical component distance for AC systems from 1,0 kV to 72,5 kV

Circulation Date: 2021-03
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
Seitenzahl: 32 VDE Artno.: 249730


IEC 61472-2:2021 specifies a method for determining the electrical component of the minimum approach distances for live working, for AC systems 1 kV up to and including 72,5 kV. This document addresses system overvoltages and the working air distances between equipment and/or workers at different potentials.
The withstand voltage and minimum approach distances determined by the method described in this document can be used only if the following working conditions prevail:

  • workers are trained for, and skilled in, working live lines or close to live conductors or equipment;
  • the operating conditions are adjusted so that the statistical overvoltage does not exceed the value selected for the determination of the required withstand voltage;
  • transient overvoltages are the determining overvoltages;
  • tool insulation has no continuous film of moisture present on the surface;
  • no lightning is observed within 10 km of the work site;
  • allowance is made for the effect of the conducting components of tools.