Cover IEC 62899-201-2:2021

IEC 62899-201-2:2021

Printed electronics - Part 201-2: Materials - Substrates - Measurement methods for properties of stretchable substrates

Circulation Date: 2021-10
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
Seitenzahl: 10 VDE Artno.: 250368


IEC 62899-201-2:2021(E) defines measurement methods for the properties of stretchable substrates, in order to use evaluating stretchable functional layers (conductive, semiconducting, and insulating) formed by printing technologies. If the same types of materials as the substrates are used for the cover lay film, they are also subjected to the measurement defined in this document.
Stretchable substrates handled by this document apply to substrates subjected to repeated bending with wiring elements demanding a high level of performance, such as fabric integrated wearable devices or skin patchable devices.
This document does not define the required characteristics of the stretchable substrate. It provides test methods to characterize (pre-qualify) the substrates that are intended to be used for printing conductors and insulators for the purposes of manufacturing stretchable layers or structures.