Cover IEC TR 63401-3:2023

IEC TR 63401-3:2023

Dynamic characteristics of inverter-based resources in bulk power systems - Part 3: Fast frequency response and frequency ride-through from inverter-based resources during severe frequency disturbances

Circulation Date: 2023-12
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
Seitenzahl: 78 VDE Artno.: 252420


IEC TR 63401-3:2023, which is a Technical Report, provides an insight into the various forms of fast frequency response and frequency ride-through techniques that involve inverter-based generation sources (mainly wind and PV) in a bulk electrical system.
This document first focuses on extracting the clear definition of FFR from different references around the world, while studying the mechanism of FFR acting on system frequency and the unique features of FFR. It then compares various kinds of frequency response and demonstrates the relationship among synchronous inertia response, fast frequency response, and primary frequency response. Several system needs and conditions where FFR is suitable are identified. This document also focuses on the performance objectives, practicality and capabilities of various non-synchronous resources, and discusses the test methods for verifying FFR capability at different levels. Finally, it focuses on the ROCOF issues and on the robust performances of FFR. .