Combined Fractal Dipole Wire Antenna

Conference: INICA 2007 - International ITG-Conference on Antennas
03/28/2007 - 03/30/2007 at Munich, Germany

Proceedings: INICA 2007

Pages: 5Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Khalid, Mustafa (Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq)

In today’s world of expanding wireless communications, there is increasing need for more compact, multiband, and moderate gain antennas for portable communications systems to respond to the great demand for both military and commercial communications systems. Fractal antenna designs can assist in meeting these design requirements. This paper introduces a novel small size and multiband fractal dipole antenna called combined fractal antenna for 2D and 3D configurations where two different fractal geometries combined together to get the main antenna body. This antenna combines aspects of Hilbert and Koch curves and expected that the resulted antenna have a hybrid or combined properties related to the geometries that constructed this combined geometry. L-system generator was advantageously used to create desired geometry with possibility of adjusting its properties. Numerical analyses of this combined antenna were done using method of moments technique where the impedance and radiation behavior of proposed antenna are numerically studied with NEC-Win professional software.