Meyer, Frederic; Bögel, Gerd vom; Harrod, John; Wölferschneider, Harald; Brendle, Dietmar (Fraunhofer IMS, Duisburg, Germany)
Ledermann, Thomas; Fritsch, Dennis (Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany)


In this paper, a radio frequency localisation system for HF System and UHF System is described. The HF System consists of a HF-Reader, at least four receiving antennas with receive and calibrate modules, three phase detectors, a control module and a PC. The UHF system is optional expandable. In this case, the HF antenna is exchanged though the UHF antenna and the UHF receive and calibrate module. The radio frequency control module steers the identification and localisation process. It collects different values for the positioning calculation as example, the automatic gain control values and the values from the phase detector. The different values are bundled and send to a PC which calculates the 3 D position and steers the robot.

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