High Efficiency Broadband Class E RF Power Amplifier with High Harmonics Suppression for Practical Two-Way Radio Applications

Conference: GeMIC 2008 - German Microwave Conference
03/10/2008 - 03/12/2008 at Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

Proceedings: GeMIC 2008

Pages: 4Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Narendra, Kumar; Prakash, Chacko (Research & Development Center, Motorola Technology, Penang 11800, Malaysia)
Tanany, Ahmed Al; Boeck, Georg (Microwave Engineering, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin 10587, Germany)
Anand, Lokesh; Grebennikov, Andrei (Faculty of Electrical & Electronics, University Science Malaysia, Penang 11900, Malaysia)
Mediano, Arturo (Department of Electronics Engineering and Communications, University of Zaragoza, E50018, Spain)

Class E power amplifiers (PA) offer high efficiency. However, with broadband class E load network, the harmonic performance degrades. In this work, this disadvantage has been overcome by implementing a new type of load circuitry. The whole PA chain consists of three stages to provide high gain and output power at the same time as required for two-way radio applications. The final PA stage uses a broadband class E load network. A novel idea of series LxCx with high Q roll-off harmonic filter (elliptical type) was used for this implementation. On measurement level, efficiency of 70 % and second harmonic suppression of 73 dBc across a wide bandwidth (135 to 175 MHz) is demonstrated at an output power of 6.5 W. The supply voltage was 7.2 V. According to the authors’ best knowledge, the efficiency and harmonic results are the highest reported so far in the VHF frequency range with 40 MHz bandwidth.